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References from Members of the Children's Defense Fund Email Network Created and Managed by John Aravosis

"You've done a fantastic job keeping everyone informed about what is happening in Congress. This is the first time in history that a grassroots network could be well enough informed quickly enough to take effective action." -- Ed Sites, Pittsburgh, PA

"I can't tell you how much we all have appreciated your work, and your energy. The constant email alerts have made a believer out of me, and now I am carrying the torch about doing advocacy quickly, effectively, and succinctly over the Internet. Your vision, ability to condense a difficult topic in to a readable, useable one-page alert, and your sense of humor has made more than one Mainer followers of CDF!"  -- Lucky Hollander, Cumberland County Child Abuse and Neglect Council, Portland, Maine

"Just a quick note to thank you from Tanzania, East Africa for your work with CDF Update. It helped and inspired, it got us thinking about how we can share information for child rights advocacy here." -- Rakesh Rajani, Kuleana Center for Children's Rights, Tanzania

"I'm one of the many faceless addresses who has found your update extremely informative over the last year. It has greatly increased my personal activism (i.e., I'm now calling/emailing my senators and reps when I never had before)." -- Sonia Chessen, National Funding Collaborative on Violence, Washington, DC

"Well done, John. I appreciate being on the list and the info you have made available." -- Rob Morrison, Office of US Senator Frank Lautenberg

"You have been an inspiration at CDF." -- Gary Grant, Associate Dean, University of Chicago

"Your information has helped us to keep our class abreast of welfare changes and in our course of doctoral level school, clinical, and community psychologists, you've helped to inspire interest in public policy." -- Emilie Smith, University of South Carolina

"Here in Kenya, thousands of children are at risk of never growing up at all -- I'm glad to be part of your network during the time I'm here, just to remind myself of what good a few dedicated people can do for children." -- Diane Adams, Kenya

"I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me via the Internet. I am the public policy person for the Rochester AEYC and have used your information numerous times. I have to write a monthly column, so you have provided me with a topic "at the last minute" many months." -- Wendy Mendola, New York

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